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Hey deviants!
What are you all up to?
I started selling junk at a consignment shop about 2 months ago, opened up a patreon (few months ago) and working on trying not to go insane this 2017 for many MANY reasons.

What about you?

I'm enjoying the consignment shop so far - it gives me something other than art to obsess over, and satisfies my scavanger craving - now I have an excuse to junk for things I don't need, because I can sell them in the shop. XD

Anyway. Ramble over. Feel free to ramble back.

ps: I came here to advertise the 25% off my etsy until the end of January (code: 25MADMAN) but realized I'd also just like to reach out for the sake of reaching out.
sometimes trying to be an artist and a business person feels so conflicting.
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Greetings oh land of deviantART!!

Earlier this year I sent out tons of crazymail - wildly painted envelopes stuffed full of fun little treasures from the studio: bits of art and mini prints, stickers, an arty newsletter, tissue butterflies, sway, pieces of palette and all sorts of other miscellany.

I sent about 70 envelopes out  - I believe everyone deserves something in the mail other than bills!!

After hearing feedback, I decided to turn this into a sort of crazy-mail service through Patreon.

Not only can people help support this artistic path I'm on, but at the Crazy Mail tier and above, will receive something physical in the mail - a little bit of delight they can grasp in person, creative treasures sent right through the post. At higher levels, it becomes like a pre-claim on art for that month.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, please head on over and check out the site, read through it and see what I'm offering. If you think someone you know might like the idea, please share with them.
And thank you so much!!
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Greetings Deviants!
Whelp, one girl's car problems is another person's art gain!

My Car Needs Some New Brakes!!

SO, I'm offering a (really, really) sweet deal.

Any purchase over $35* is going to get a FREE 5"x7" sketch!! (HOLY MOLY!)
(*not including shipping)

So, head on over to my etsy and take a peek. Perhaps you'll find something that speaks to your soul and flutters your spleen.
The Etsy Page!
(shipping on multiple orders can be discussed if it doesn't seem to be combining)

Or, if you see something in the gallery - ask if its available and I can let you know the deets! Paypal is also doable.

THANK YOU GUYS. My Car Thanks You. My Heart Thanks You. My Big Toe Thanks You! My 5'x7' sketch paper thanks you!
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Greetings Friends and Fiends! I have stayed away for a long time, and have decided I should dip my toes back here again. I only uploaded 2 pieces of art in 2015!! I need to catch up. I'll slowly begin uploading work from both last year and this year.
Please leave a comment and say hi to let me know you are out there!!

How about FANDOMFEST in Louisville KY?
I'll be at both places, and more upcoming!

But, if you are going to be at GenCon - Please make note to also stop in at the Indianapolis Artsgarden, 2 blocks away from the convention center - I've organized a side art show there called
"Bizarre Bazaar: An Alternative Art Extravaganza!" - follow the link to the facebook event page.…
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Hi guys.
So, I just had a thought. I've been somewhat holding back on my brain rambles, imagining that I'd be presenting some sort of upper level professionalism to NOT ramble as much... but I love when I hear the inner ramble-brambles of other artists, and I'm curious - for those that are watching, do you like to hear the inner random-crazy-brain-flood-of-wacky from other creatives or do you just prefer to see/hear/experience the polished and prepared things?
I have a feeling I already know the majority answers, but I could be delusional, so humor me....
well, I KNOW I have delusions, but life is so much more fun with extra colors streaming from my brain-pan.

Yours in madness,
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Greetings Deviants!
I have not uploaded them all so far on dA yet, but check out some more of the BUG PAINTINGS I'm doing.
Here, at my blog:…

So, tell me, what are your favorite bugs? Least favorite?
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Greetings Deviants!

I'm finally getting close to sending a 'Darkness Dreaming' Lydia Art newsletter and catalogue via SNAIL MAIL. For those of you who already gave me your addy and permission to send something, thanks! For those of you who still want to get on the snail-mail bandwagon and get my snail mail studio update and catalogue experiment... send me your addy via private message.
(its kinda like a blog post, only without the internet) I'm getting all old-timey and fed up with the internet's lack of physical connection. and crazy. XD

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:flame: By the way guys, I'm on INSTAGRAM NOW. Look for me under "Madartistlydia"

:flame: I'm still playing with the sewing machine. I'll have to post picture updates soon. There are work-in-progress pictures on facebook. And at least one on this instagram thing. Even one on twitter, but I still look at twitter with shifty eyes.

:flame: I'm going to be sending out a snazzy small SNAIL MAIL newsletter and teeny catalogue. If you'd like to receive it, please private message me your postal address. :)

:flame: Upcoming conventions and art events:
* April 24th and 25th * ART EVENT * --- The Annual Raymond James Stutz Artist Openhouse- The Stutz Building, 212 W. 10th St. Indianapolis, IN.
* May 22-24th * CONVENTION --- Spectrum Fantastic Art Live - Contemporary Fantastic Art Convention -Kansas City, Mo.
* July 30 - Aug 2nd * CONVENTIONish --- Bizarre Bazaar: An Alternative Art Extravaganza! The Indianapolis Arts Garden -Indianapolis, IN  (In the mall connected to the convention center, where GENCON will be happening!)
* August 7-9th * CONVENTION --- Flashback Weekend - Chicago, IL.
* September 11-13 * CONVENTION --- Horrorhound Weekend -Indianapolis, IN
(You can always look at the list here, I try to keep it updated:

:flame: I just finished reading Clive Barker's Everville. Who's read it? I love all his works I've read so far.

Thats all for now. No time for swanky descriptive poetic updates. Perhaps when I'm not teaching anymore, I'll have time for more conversations and in depth expressions!
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I got the sewing machine out. Its been hiding for almost a year. I'm a terrible seamstress and I don't sew correctly, I've never really learned how properly, and I probably have a higher percentage of broken needles, but I am an artist, and its like another form of painting and drawing... and experimentation gets me all giddy inside. Working with various cloths and thread and weaving and probably wires later, and I have a feeling I'm going to be breaking out the beading soon.

I had a conversation with myself last night about not fighting my divergent artistic tendencies. (which makes me a somewhat unsafe illustrator, unless you like not knowing what you're gonna get ... exactly)
Being an an artist with a million interests and a teacher who loves to share many aspects of creation and history... how can I not let all of that play in my art?
I'm going to instead embrace my divergent path, and play with sticking as many techniques together as I can. sculpture with drawing with doodling, with collage and realistic renderings next to text and found poetry and bright colored drips next to philosophy and ponderings and stitches and sewn on things. The more layers I make, the happier I get. (and the more cluttered my home and studio become as I tend to gather EVERY MEDIUM KNOWN TO MAN.) O_O ‪#‎makealltheart‬ ‪#‎ineedmorespace‬ ‪#‎mixedmedia‬ ‪#‎divergentthinking‬

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My Mannequin "Brunhildegard" has hijacked my website for her own purposes: to reach out to the world in an attempt at snail mail communication. If you like weird snail mail and want to participate in a fun project, please send her something through the post - she'll share it and write back!!

See the website she created for herself, with the address of my studio where she lives:…
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Behold. An Etry where I compare commissions vs. personal ART to casting magical spells vs. alchemical studies:

(Also posted at the blog:… )

Magic Vs Alchemy by zyphryus


Commissions are like very specific complex magic spells. It takes a lot of energy and knowledge and
mental strength to cast a really good magic spell. It also takes time to build up the magic, to draw strength from the energy in the surroundings. Once it has been cast, one cannot just turn around and immediately cast another equally complex magic spell. The caster has to rest and recuperate.

This is a metaphor for art commissions. I do enjoy them and they challenge me to become better and to expand my abilities. On the other side, it takes a LOT of mental power, and they leave me feeling drained. Sometimes its a lot more exhausting to cast magic in the service of another. I used to think that the more commissions I do, the easier and quicker they would go. This is not the case. If anything, it takes me LONGER to do them know, because my abilities have gotten more


When I am in the studio creating work for myself, it is like alchemy. I am experimenting with  materials and observing results. I become obsessed with the nature of exploration and uncovering unknown combinations. This can also get very complex and interesting, but it is not nearly as draining. When I am being an 'alchemist' all day, I can go to bed exhausted but excited, with more questions on my tongue than when I began.
I invite others to view some of my alchemical meanderings, but I do not wish to reveal all of my notes with my peers, as I feel I am building toward a new discovery, and I don't want to spoil the surprise. I have works in progress that I've not shared yet because I'd love to have a show of completely new and UNSEEN work sometime in 2015.
Alchemy is mysterious and revealing all at the same time.

In 2015, I think I want to focus more on 'Alchemy' and less on 'Spell Casting'. My own projects and experiments are calling to my heart and I need to give them the proper time and attention, in order to be a great wizard. 

P.S. For those who commission me: I truly do appreciate the enthusiasm and support. I will not stop taking commissions, I will just be more selective. I have enjoyed each one I've done in 2014, but I (along with about 20 other creatives I've talked to) want change.

By Tree Painting by zyphryus

Transformation is in the air, and its time we spread our wings.
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Hey there Deviants!

Get some original Lydia Art at my etsy.

Use the Promo Code: ifartart
for a 20% savings

Also, if you are in Indiana, come see my studio on Dec. 5th!
We are having a huge holiday show and open studios!
The Stutz building
Suite A-250.
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I'm feeling wordy, so I'm sharing!

Ahhh BLISS. I went to the Indy Library book store for their tri-monthly BOOKSALE!!! Oh how I DON'T need anymore books and OH HOW I MUST Look anyway because one never knows the treasures one may find!! Here is my brief tale, because I'm in a wordy mood. (ha!) I entered excitedly and the first person I encounter is Laura Edwards. - very happy to see a friendly face already in a friendly place! After the ritual hello and brief chat, I wander to the first section which includes the Music CDs for $1. I usually pass by this area to get to the BOOKS, but this time I browsed. I found a rather lovely designed cover by an obscure unknown, and get it anyway because its beautiful. It promises to be a bit bizarre, as it's called "The Sound of Animals Fighting" - as a personal rule, if something looks pretty and sounds unique, I will be swayed by spontaneous impulse-buy glee, and so I picked it up.
Onward to the science section where I found a number of lovely subjects that inspire me to research into the world further, but nothing to bring home at this time, I begin to pass and WAIT, there was an older looking book about "Minerals, Metals and Gems" by U. Hyatt Verrill - After reading Victoria Finlay's book on Gems, I have been hungry for more specifically *social * history of gems, etc - especially more than just precious jewels. This book does include more popular history than just pure science. Exactly what I wanted. *SCORE*.

I wandered quickly through fiction/fantasy/ and horror. I have so many books at home I could be reading or borrowing I didn't want to burden myself more with right now with fabricated stories. I LOVE FANTASTIC stories, but I'm not in the mood this month, plus I'm already reading 1 Clive Barker story, and listening to another book on CD. (yes I'm Barker obsessed this month.)
I look for a few key authors that I always look for, but don't really find anything that grips me intensely.
Of course, my heart beats a little faster as I approach the ART section!
I spend time to look at EACH and EVERY title, even straightening them books a bit as I go (a good x-librarian habit) If I had tons of space and a room for a library I'd buy 100 books here, but I have since realized that I don't have space, let alone the TIME to get to books so I try to be more selective in my approach, choosing only the things that SCREAM at my inner soul ...or books that caress the very back end of my brain, making promises of future enlightenment. Here I chose one book and 2 magazines. The book is the TASHEN book about DADA. I read their surrealism book and enjoyed it, and the more I understand DADA, the more I WANT to understand it more. The punk movement of the art world, The sense among the nonsense... this book can come with me. Plus TASHEN is beautiful, easy to swallow, and places fun-to-jot-down quotes on every page, in nice BOLD lettering. One of the Magazines was 'American Craft' - chosen for the cover, which includes a Nick Cage creation. I've been interested in his work ever since I met his brother, the story of which shall remain anonymous and mysterious. A quick look inside the magazine expresses the very awesome modern and mixed media approach to craft, and intrigued my brain. I also picked up an "Art & Antiques" magazine because the cover image reminds me of Remidios Varo and I wanted to find out who it was. (no time here to extra check, magazines are cheap here and I need to keep exploring! - by the way, it turned out to be Leonora Carrington, with a good size article about her.)

I sweep by the Indiana section and find a Kurt Vonnegut story - I decide to get it as I've embarrassingly never read any of Kurt's work. I hate to admit this out loud.

The History section yields "A History of Private Life: revelations of the medieval world" - hurrah, ancient culture of REGULAR LIFE. I ALREADY have the first volume of this book which covers Greek and Roman Life - I have yet to read it, but it shines bright in my mind as something I will LOVE to read, so I had to get the twin.

Another ambiguous section of the library store brought forth a trivia book called "The Book of the Dead: Lives of the justly Famous and Undeservedly Obscure" - I think mom would have loved this book and its something I would have bought for her. So I get it for the piece of her that hides in my brain. I'd love to read it too.

At this point, Im finding it difficult to browse books holding all these OTHER books, AND my jacket and my purse, but I have just ONE MORE thing I want. an AUDIO book. My new car now accepts CDs as WELL as tapes, (GRIN) so I felt it was appropriate to 'celebrate' having a new car by buying an audio book on cd. (at least that's what I told myself) This took the LONGEST time to browse. I didn't see anything I wanted. I was looking for something other than just fantasy, and I didn't want a modern story.
Finally after several minutes of searching and dropping my pile of books, about to give up and get a story about a famous flood, I saw "Slaughterhouse 5" - another Kurt V. story. PERFECT. (and decided upon this instead of the K.V. book - I can always pick up more K.V. stuff after I hear this story. One thing at a time!)

I check out, happily skip to my car (ok, I skipped in my mind, I really just boringly walked) and went to the grocery, listening to my new book on cd. The End. 
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I'm obviously not good at keeping up with a daily blog. Although I think daily blogs are unnecessary unless they truly have inspirational things to say. It also seems that no one has the attention span for deeper personal expressions these days. I know I don't really either. There are several friends I feel I'm neglecting, who's words I otherwise love to read. Perhaps if I spend less time on status update social networks, I'd have more time for deeper, more inspirational and informative stories. Time spent getting to know someone in more depth. I have such a shallow understanding of so many people, and in return I feel that masses of people have a shallow understanding of me. I watch the comments other people leave on other people's words, and notice this. Passions, misunderstandings, inspirations, ideas and flames can arise so easily with these types of conversations, as fire more readily burns on small and thin timbers, and burns out just as fast.

Now if you give me a moment, I could also write a compelling argument FOR those types of social medias - and those are the reasons I stay  - the ability to connect more readily and to recognize the names and faces of the people I interact with, even if that interaction is brief.

Yet I shall go further and say that perhaps all this social networking is a huge distraction to begin with? facebook, blogs, websites, etc. I feel an urge to get back to real life. Instead of filling moments of my day with public self expressing and reading the copious amounts of other personal/public spewings, perhaps I should instead get back into reading and researching my interests for the sheer joy of it. I miss the obsession I felt in college where I collected and studied the lyrics of songs, the names of gods and demons from mythology and folklore, plants and trees and the metaphors associated with nature's creations. Maybe I should limit most of my interaction to in-person face-to-face togetherness. This may generate deeper collaborations and idea generations. There is a spark to these connections that is missing online, where I feel as if we are all drifting in a sea, on unstable pieces of plank and driftwood - we speak to each other as we float by - we wave and smile or curse and nod our heads in mutual miseries, as our bodies get colder and colder from the emptiness below us.

I want to promise myself that I will:
Live more, Adventure more, Travel more, 
Art more and Obsess more.
I will look suspiciously at the warm glow of my computer screen, and place obstacles between it and me. I will use it with purpose - to make art, and to write, and to collect my obsessions, and to hold only a brief line of connection to the great wide sea of people.
I will use my personal library more, and engage in the art of marginalia. I will grow my brain with the attention given to delicate orchids - to feed it a strict and timely diet of necessary substances.
No more waste!
*raises fist to the heavens, and points a warning finger at the self*

That is all for now.

(If you'd rather read my journal updates at my blogspot, feel free to watch there.)…
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Well, I have revamped my youtube account and I've uploaded the first new video, the birth of my painting "Listening to the Spheres" in time lapse action!!
I hope to use this technology much more in the future for time lapse works in progress, stop motions and other Lydia miscellany. Feel free to subscribe if you want to keep up to date with new videos!

(and for those that saw my facebook post, I'll probably be using more indie music next time!)…
Greetings Deviants!
I think I'm going to start uploading works again.  If So, be prepared for many works coming your way! I'm about 8 months behind.
Most people watch me at facebook, but hey, I'm missing my ambiguous dA family.

Hoping for a many happy returns!
Hello dA!
Are you out there?
Its so quiet here.
Do any of you still EXIST? I know at least one or 2 of you do, since there are one or two of you who comment anymore.
I know I don't post stuff nearly as often anymore.
I've also been so busy! And... I seem to get more of a response through facebook, honestly. (Even though I like the clarity of pics here better)
So, if you are also a fb user, feel free to add or watch my profile at

I also have a page, where you can actually LIKE me. (I said LIKE, not LICK, people.)…

But I tend to post on the profile more.

Take care, hope you guys had an awesome holiday or day, regardless of what your do or do not celebrate!
over and out.
Holy Moly Guys,
One of my favorite personalities is going to get his own movie and it NEEDS a little help funding, they only have 21 days left to fund. If you love the sacredness of SILLINESS and NONSENSE, dude, you'll LOVE THIS.
Have any of you heard of KITTY ZOMBIE??
BODY OF A KILLER! :fear: ... ... ... ...mind of a puppy. :love:

Go check out their kickstarter page and I dare you not to giggle once during the promo video.
please watch the promo video.
I think the world will be a more awesome place if the Kitty Zombie movie gets made.…

Just a post to post after the post about the garage sale, so that post isn't posted in the journal post area.
Post is the word of the moment!
Later I'm going to the POST office.

I also plan on dying some random clothes a reddish color, working on my BRAIN CANDY BOOK #2 (hopefully to have done by Fright Night Film Fest in 2 weeks) and working on some commission.

That is all!
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Greetings Deviants.
Helping dad Bob Burris out with his garage sale today!
we'll be around till 3 at least, maybe longer. Thought I'd post a last minute mssg here,
I know there are some columbus peeps!!

email lydiaburris (at) for the addy.
I'll try to check it often today.

antiques, lots of REALLY NICE women's clothes, restaurant china, LOTS of BOOKS, and other bits and pieces.
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