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Lydia Burris
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The Madwoman

Current Residence: Midian. It's where the monsters go...
Favourite genre of music: Metal, classic rock, folk, techno, I like music that spans over MANY genres. Especially EPIC stuff
Favourite photographer: Jan Saudek, and dA's very own Doomsday-Dawn
Favourite style of art: Cluttered Paitings. Symbolist, 19th century, contemporary fantastic art, sketches
MP3 player of choice: My car MP3 discman. Winamp, or quintessential player.
Wallpaper of choice: William Morris Designs. ;p (actual wallpaper).
Favourite cartoon character: The Maxx
Personal Quote: When in doubt, Use Fire
I'm feeling wordy, so I'm sharing!

Ahhh BLISS. I went to the Indy Library book store for their tri-monthly BOOKSALE!!! Oh how I DON'T need anymore books and OH HOW I MUST Look anyway because one never knows the treasures one may find!! Here is my brief tale, because I'm in a wordy mood. (ha!) I entered excitedly and the first person I encounter is Laura Edwards. - very happy to see a friendly face already in a friendly place! After the ritual hello and brief chat, I wander to the first section which includes the Music CDs for $1. I usually pass by this area to get to the BOOKS, but this time I browsed. I found a rather lovely designed cover by an obscure unknown, and get it anyway because its beautiful. It promises to be a bit bizarre, as it's called "The Sound of Animals Fighting" - as a personal rule, if something looks pretty and sounds unique, I will be swayed by spontaneous impulse-buy glee, and so I picked it up.
Onward to the science section where I found a number of lovely subjects that inspire me to research into the world further, but nothing to bring home at this time, I begin to pass and WAIT, there was an older looking book about "Minerals, Metals and Gems" by U. Hyatt Verrill - After reading Victoria Finlay's book on Gems, I have been hungry for more specifically *social * history of gems, etc - especially more than just precious jewels. This book does include more popular history than just pure science. Exactly what I wanted. *SCORE*.

I wandered quickly through fiction/fantasy/ and horror. I have so many books at home I could be reading or borrowing I didn't want to burden myself more with right now with fabricated stories. I LOVE FANTASTIC stories, but I'm not in the mood this month, plus I'm already reading 1 Clive Barker story, and listening to another book on CD. (yes I'm Barker obsessed this month.)
I look for a few key authors that I always look for, but don't really find anything that grips me intensely.
Of course, my heart beats a little faster as I approach the ART section!
I spend time to look at EACH and EVERY title, even straightening them books a bit as I go (a good x-librarian habit) If I had tons of space and a room for a library I'd buy 100 books here, but I have since realized that I don't have space, let alone the TIME to get to books so I try to be more selective in my approach, choosing only the things that SCREAM at my inner soul ...or books that caress the very back end of my brain, making promises of future enlightenment. Here I chose one book and 2 magazines. The book is the TASHEN book about DADA. I read their surrealism book and enjoyed it, and the more I understand DADA, the more I WANT to understand it more. The punk movement of the art world, The sense among the nonsense... this book can come with me. Plus TASHEN is beautiful, easy to swallow, and places fun-to-jot-down quotes on every page, in nice BOLD lettering. One of the Magazines was 'American Craft' - chosen for the cover, which includes a Nick Cage creation. I've been interested in his work ever since I met his brother, the story of which shall remain anonymous and mysterious. A quick look inside the magazine expresses the very awesome modern and mixed media approach to craft, and intrigued my brain. I also picked up an "Art & Antiques" magazine because the cover image reminds me of Remidios Varo and I wanted to find out who it was. (no time here to extra check, magazines are cheap here and I need to keep exploring! - by the way, it turned out to be Leonora Carrington, with a good size article about her.)

I sweep by the Indiana section and find a Kurt Vonnegut story - I decide to get it as I've embarrassingly never read any of Kurt's work. I hate to admit this out loud.

The History section yields "A History of Private Life: revelations of the medieval world" - hurrah, ancient culture of REGULAR LIFE. I ALREADY have the first volume of this book which covers Greek and Roman Life - I have yet to read it, but it shines bright in my mind as something I will LOVE to read, so I had to get the twin.

Another ambiguous section of the library store brought forth a trivia book called "The Book of the Dead: Lives of the justly Famous and Undeservedly Obscure" - I think mom would have loved this book and its something I would have bought for her. So I get it for the piece of her that hides in my brain. I'd love to read it too.

At this point, Im finding it difficult to browse books holding all these OTHER books, AND my jacket and my purse, but I have just ONE MORE thing I want. an AUDIO book. My new car now accepts CDs as WELL as tapes, (GRIN) so I felt it was appropriate to 'celebrate' having a new car by buying an audio book on cd. (at least that's what I told myself) This took the LONGEST time to browse. I didn't see anything I wanted. I was looking for something other than just fantasy, and I didn't want a modern story.
Finally after several minutes of searching and dropping my pile of books, about to give up and get a story about a famous flood, I saw "Slaughterhouse 5" - another Kurt V. story. PERFECT. (and decided upon this instead of the K.V. book - I can always pick up more K.V. stuff after I hear this story. One thing at a time!)

I check out, happily skip to my car (ok, I skipped in my mind, I really just boringly walked) and went to the grocery, listening to my new book on cd. The End. 
  • Listening to: Mister B. Gone , read by Doug Bradley
  • Reading: everything
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper chocolate milk creation.

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Arum1966 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
You've really been busy while I've been gone.  Your work is crazy phenomenal.  I look forward to your new stuff.
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Yes it is! I have a studio in an old car factory - transformed into many many spaces for artists, offices, services etc.  Rent isn't bad and even though its a stretch each month, its worth having.
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Good for you........great art environment, been among other artists.......
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Hello, thanks for visiting and stuff!

It does seem like this place is a ghost town from time to time.

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